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International SEO Outsourcing Fraud & Swindling

I've been running call centers and doing BPO in the Philippines for several years now and I have never seen anything like this happen before, but then again, while I was surprised to hear about this incident, I am not surprised about it after having had time to think about it.

I have a long-time friend, probably one of the oldest friends I've had since I came to the Philippines.  I think we met at the first SEMCON, where we were both speakers.  Mainly I run call centers and Michael Turner runs an SEO company, namely, HarvestSEO, StickyMedia Solutions, Inc., ReaperSEO and one other one I can't recall right now.

Michael Turner had a 5-year contract to provide SEO to Geary Interactive, LLC., which is a part of the Geary Group, Inc., which owns Geary SEO, and Geary PMG (Performance Management Group), and which recently acquired LSF Network, to create new sites LSF Interactive, and Geary LSF Group.

In turn, Michael Turner Inc., deployed between 30 to 50 dedicated employees to Geary Group, Inc.  The Outsourcing Agreement between  Geary Interactive, LLC.,
Inc., and Michael Turner, Inc., clearly provides under paragraph

 9 “ Conflicts of Interest and non-hire Provision” and further, sub-paragraph

9.2, “For a period of one year(1) following termination of agreement, The Client shall not, directly or indirectly hire, solicit, or encourage to leave the employment, any employee, consultant, or
contractor of Michael Turner/ The Client is also prohibited from hiring any such employee,
consultant, or contractor who has left the Contractor’s employment within one year (1) from such employment or engagement.”

Turner also had employment contracts with his employees that states specifically:

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with the employee/agents of HarvestSEO and StickyMedia Solutions, Inc. under Parragraph 3:

That upon termination of my services from the company for any cause or reason”, sub-paragraph b., provides that “I shall not thereafter, either directly or indirectly, either as partner or as an officer, director, shareholder, or employee or agent or servant of any corporation or partnership, for  a period of 18 months after leaving the service of the company solicit orders from any customer of Michael Turner/ for such services as provided by him and his duly recognized representatives.

Turner's employees, Filipinos, turned greedy and without regard for the law, it's consequences or implications, decided to take Turner out of the loop and abscond with the client Geary, Thereby creating a new Philippines SEC registered company for that purpose called Meara Interactive.  

Under the laws of the United States and perhaps even the laws of the great State of California, these acts might all be considered civil violations to be mediated under relevant Civil laws, but in the Philippines, these acts constitute a very serious case of "Estafa", otherwise known as "Swindling and Other Deceits" otherwise known as "FRAUD".  The initial criminal Affidavit Complaint for Estafa filed by Michael Turner is in PDF format and can be downloaded here.

Michael's blog post about the case can be found here: Michael Alan Turner, Michael Turner, Inc., StickyMedia Solutions, Inc., Complainant, vs Geary Group, Inc., Geary Interactive, LLC, Matrix Media Technolgies, and its officers, directors, and managers named, but not limited to: Andreas Roell, John McKusick, Kevin Hawke, Michael Lindmark, Tyler Stample, Tina Wang, Marcella Pinto, Dennis Zocco, Yanii Gu, Shuz McKenzie, Ramsey Crooks, Mark Peterson, Casy Novak; NPS Case No. X-06-INV-012F-02084 for ESTAFA (Art 315, 2(A)) of the Revised Penal Code of the Philippines

Unfortunately, Michael makes no comment about the case.  The case speaks for itself and the PDF contains a copy of the original contract between Geary and Turner, sample employee contracts, and a new contract between Geary and one of Michael's ex-employees.

Unfortunately, the wheels of Justice turn slow in the Philippines.  It will take a couple of months before arrest warrants are issued, and it is unlikely that the American criminals involved will ever show up in the Philippines to face the charges, under which case they will become fugitives from justice.

Online complaints against Geary's criminal activity can be found at, at, at, and also with the, and likely there will be many more posts online about the criminal propensity of the Geary Group.

Tomorrow Michael Turner is supposed to do an interview with a local radio station, but he said his crew is going to film the interview and put it on YouTube.

Oh, BTW, I guess I should mention the names here of those involved in the criminal complaint that Turner filed.  It is a list of over 100, but they really should be mentioned here.

Geary Group, Inc.
Geary Interactive, Llc,
Matrix Media Technologies,
And Its Officers, Directors, And Managers Named, But Not Limited To:
Andreas Roell,
John Mckusick
Kevin Hawke
Michael Lindmark
Tyler Stample
Tina Wang
Marcella Pinto
Dennis Zocco
Yanii Gu
Shuz Mckenzie
Ramsey Crooks
Mark Peterson
Casy Novak
And Meara Interactive, Inc.,
And Its Officers, Managers And Directors Named, But Not Limited To:
Antonio Agustin T. Rodano,
Riza Rodano,
Rex D. Cortez,
Elmer B. Taboada,
Al-Jedidiah A. Aquino,
Melissa Angela Fernando-Murillo,
Alex Tabuan,
Karl T. Contreras,
Catherine Ann L. Aquino,
Winnie B. Amores
Marissa P. Damasco
Michelle G. Macumao
John Albert T. Pimentel
Quennie G. Vamenta
Marillo S. Paano,
Jose Luis F. Sarraga,
John Mark F. Sarraga,
Francisco F. Sarraga,
Vincent Joseph B. Valencia,
Manuel U. Along,
Atty. Raquel B. Limbaco,
And Former Or Current Employees Of Meara Interactive, Inc. Or Of Sprintcruisers Advertising Solutions, And Any Of Their Agents And/Or Representatives, Including, But Not Limited To:
Litojes C. Balabag
Karen Joan C. Celestino
Algen Rejie L. Dela Cruz
Aivon Fausto Ii Q. Dugenio
Jescel Mae P. Escosura
Franklin N. Esparcia
Andrei G. Macabale
Cyril M. Babia
Enola Gay H. Cabaraban
Kim P. Cabatuan
Vinnie Martin M. Castañares
Jerome V. Clam
Maria Fe Rosario S. Dioso
Arlen S. Gutierrez
Ryla W. Lim
Ahmela J. Lingatong
Michael P. Pamisa
Josie Flor Fatima R.  Pareño
Irish U. Sailago
Sheila Mae G. Suarez
James D'Artagnan D.  Sy
Elizabeth G. Taclindo
Ferdinand S. Tan
Joan Cindy M. Tupas
Alisa B.  Abrasaldo
Jovelle S. Baguio
Glen Belle G. Baslao
Richel Ann U. Ebo
Roberto Jr.  M. Fermin
Elfie Joy L. Gerona
Steve Oliver M. Mabanding
Maxiri Loi S. Malintad
Daryl R. Navarez
Princess E. Panes
Jewel S. Pidor
Eric Red D. Polido
Jennie Anne A. Prieto
Maria Cristina V.  Rodriguez
Marisol R. Lopez
Melissa A. Topacio
Jeah G. Aventurado
Chariss C. Bucad
Lurelyn I. Gentallan
Gladys P. Gerodiaz
Evalyn C. Fabi
Juliette T. Martinez
Lorelyn V. Radaza
Mark Anthony R. Sabandal
Sheena Marie E. Señara
Richard Jr. G. Tamala
Glaiza A. Taytay
Jones M. Villanueva
Jessica T. Villegas
Mary Grace F. Bongcawil
Neil Jupiter S. Gumisong
Kathylene  B. Jereza
Jeany P. Latras
Bernie L. Maghuyop
Gillian V. Abonitalla
Jay Daphne P. Bual
Franco Agustine L. Esguerra
Levi V. Lacsamana
Leoncio Cesar L. Polestico
Jennifer P. Baclia-An
Lyra Carmenchu F. Lagrada
Clint N. Lauron
Joevel E. Patalinghug
William Clifford M. Satorre
David D. Pitlo
Jessica Clauditte S. Villarosa
Chenevieve L. Paderanga
Dennis R. Nengasca
Amor Villanueva

I  will post more about this incident and others as I learn more about them.  I hate thieves.  

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  1. You got some of the names wrong. Maybe you should try to do your research before involving people who have already resigned before all these drama came out.